HDMI Optical Cable 30M/40M/60M/70M

HANUTECH 30m Fiber Optic HDMI Cable with 4K@30Hz/1080p@60Hz HD Video 3D ARC HDCP CEC High Speed Supported (98 Feet, Black)

HANUTECH 30m Fiber Optic HDMI Cable with 4K@30Hz/1080p@60Hz HD Video 3D ARC HDCP CEC High Speed Supported (98 Feet, Black)

  • Brand HANUTECH
  • Connector Type HDMI
  • Cable Type HDMI Fiber Optic ARC
  • Compatible Devices Projector, Laptop, Amplifier
  • Special Feature High Speed

About this item

  • HDMI fiber optic cable is a ideal solution running high speed HD video over long distance when your 98 ft regular Copper HDMI port cords have Electromagnetic Interference Issue
  • 【No delay in the speed of light transmission】High-Decision Multimedia Interface interface uses high-quality photoelectric conversion module at both ends, which can convert electrical signals into optical signals, and easily realize 100 meter transmission without delay and attenuation by optical signal transmission.
  • 【Full-length support HDMI2.0】: All lengths support 4K*2K/60HZ ultra-clear resolution, restore true 4K ultra-clear vision, detailed display, 18gbps high-speed broadband, HDCP2 HD protocol, 4:4:4 color space, Support
  • HDR and ARC audio backhaul.
  • More delicate image quality for upgrade version HDMI2.0】: Support 4K@60HZ, support 21:9 wideband ratio, dynamic sound and picture without delay, support a variety of sound quality, 32 audio channels, support 3D stereo imaging technology, let you experience the immersive shock.
  • Synchronous transmission of audio and video】: digital audio interface technology can achieve audio and video synchronization transmission, no need to connect audio and video lines separately, wiring is more convenient during decoration.

Product description

Hanutech HDMI cable with gold-plated connectors for higher definition images and audio for the best 4K gaming and A/V experience. When HDMI copper and HDMI extension cables can’t work for long-distance transmission of high-definition video, dtech 8m’s HDMI fiber-optic cable can support 4k @ 30Hz or 1080p @ 60Hz video at 10.2Gbps bandwidth with almost no signal loss. It is lighter than copper wire and does not put a lot of pressure on the HDMI port, making it ideal for connections between small devices and HDTVs. Unaffected by EMI and RFI from devices and wireless devices, it’s easy to get more accurate, natural audio and video in a surveillance, hospital, data center, DIRECTV or VR environment, with a small body of 4.8 mm diameter, making it easy to route.


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