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Answer: Hanutech Solution specializes in providing cutting-edge solutions for Fiber Optic, FTTH, and Broadband needs. Our product range includes audio to fiber converters, PLC splitters, CCTV cameras, networking switches, and much more.
Answer: Hanutech Solution has been a prominent player in the industry since 2018, serving customers across India with innovative and reliable technology solutions.
Answer: Our key products include Audio To Fiber Converter, PLC Splitter, CCTV Cameras & Accessories, Ethernet Optical Converters, HDMI & SDI Splitters/Switchers, Optical Cables, OTDR, Wireless Solutions, and more.
Answer: You can reach our customer support team by calling [Your Contact Number] or emailing [Your Email Address]. We are also available for live chat on our website during business hours.
Answer: FTTH is a broadband network architecture that uses optical fiber to provide high-speed internet access directly to homes. It offers faster speeds, better reliability, and the capacity for future technological advancements.
Answer: An OTDR is a crucial tool for testing and troubleshooting fiber optic networks. It helps measure the loss in optical fiber links, locate faults, and assess the overall health and performance of the network.
Answer: Consider factors like the distance you need to cover, resolution requirements, and whether you need additional features like IR control. Our technical team can also assist you in making the right choice.

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