Hanutech 4in1out Hdmi Switcher, Hdmi 4X1 Real Time Quad Multi Viewer, 1080p Supported, Plug N Play

  • Connector Type HDMI
  • Brand HANUTECH
  • Cable Type HDMI

About this item

  • HDMI 4×1 Multi-viewer with seamless switcher
  • Accepts up to 4 HD sources and it is capable of scaling and dimensioning the images and send them to a
  • single Full HD display for Multiple view
  • Supports Product Button Remote Control, Background Software Control (RS232), and Can do Single Signal
  • Switching/Split Mode Selection/Resolution Switching/Audio Switching and Other Settings
  • Vertical Frequency Range: 50/60Hz
  • Power consumption: 10W, External power supply: 12V DC@2A

Product description

This HANUTECH HDMI 4×1 switch is a Seamless switch with Multiview features with high performance. It supports four HDMI input sources which can be displayed on one screen with five Multiview modes: it integrates video signals from 4 different video sources for viewing on a single monitor. For the four connected inputs, it also functions as a switch with fast switching between seamless sources. It can be controlled by various ways, through the front panel button, IR, RS232 control, etc.


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